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Joshua G. Prince, Esq

Joshua G. Prince, Esq

Prominent 2A Lawyer, Principal, Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C.

Josh Prince is the principal of the Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. and an associate at Prince Law Offices in Berks County, P.C. Josh is a native of the Commonwealth dedicated to making life better for all liberty loving Pennsylvanians.

Josh is a Cum Laude graduate of McGill University in Montreal and Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg. At Widener, Josh was a member of the Widener Law Journal before he graduated Cum Laude, again, in the top ten percent of his class.

Josh joined Prince Law Offices in 2009 and immediately began his civil rights practice where he defends victims of civil rights deprivations at the local, state, and federal levels. In 2016, Josh, seeing the need for a law firm devoted to the ardent protection of our civil liberties, founded the Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C.  Beyond handling all civil rights issues at the state and federal level, Civil Rights Defense Firm has several divisions, including one concentrating on firearms law and second amendment issues, where Josh serves as Chief Counsel. Josh has represented more than 8000 individual clients in the protection of their right to bear arms, without consideration for all the other constitutional matters that he has handled in his career.

Josh routinely defends citizens against unlawful seizure, failure to provide due process, and violations of equal rights. In fact, he has appeared before the appellate courts in Pennsylvania 45 times since 2009. He has litigated everything from significant class action cases to mental health commitments under Pennsylvania’s Mental Health and Procedures Act. Josh has also secured major victories in criminal law and education law. One landmark case ensures that students over 18 years old are afforded due process in disciplinary cases.

Moreover, Josh was the first attorney in the Commonwealth to file a challenge, before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, to the disastrous COVID lockdowns, even when Governor Wolf declared that law firms were non-essential and attempted to preclude him from challenging the unconstitutional restriction. And, his team was among the first to challenge the draconian fines levied against establishments, like Taste of Sicily, that were alleged to have violated the COVID lockdown orders and to contest the mask mandates in schools that have seriously harmed our children. Pennsylvania needs Joshua Prince on the Commonwealth Court. His established record reflects that he is beyond qualified for the job.