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Daryl Brooks

Daryl Brooks

Political activist, former U.S. Senate/Congressman candidate, host of On Fire Show

Author: 37 Days The Disenfranchisement of a Philadelphia Poll Worker

Daryl M. Brooks, a long-time political activist, finds himself embroiled in one of the most highly contested presidential elections ever conducted in the United States and is suddenly thrust on to the national spotlight. However, the past, which has been haunting him for over 25 years, once again wants to destroy the life that he rebuilt for himself in the process.

Daryl was born and raised in the projects of Trenton and has fought against the crooked political machine, drugs, and crime that has plagued his city for generations. Set up by the corrupt political forces and criminals who run the city, he was convicted of a crime he never committed and sentenced to almost a decade in jail.

This is not only a story about the current political situation this country finds itself in after the 2020 presidential election, but it is also a story about a man’s quest for self-redemption and fight for justice and equality for all the underprivileged people living in America.

Daryl M. Brooks is a former three times U.S. Senate/Congressman candidate. On a historical note, he is the first African American from Trenton, NJ to run for Congress. Also he is the first person from Trenton, NJ to run for US Senate. He is the host of the On Fire Show.

Brooks is also a former member of Mothers Against Violence, Silent Shoe March, Fathers and Men United for a Better Trenton and Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Daryl has won the MLK Jr. Award from the Martin House Learning Center for community work.

He has been featured in the New York Times, The Daily Beast, NY Daily News, USA Today, Twiggs Café Radio.com, PoliticIt.com, IQ 106.9 FM, Philly Channel 6, WZBN News 12, Comcast Newsmakers, NJN, Trentonian, Trenton Times, Star Ledger, National Korean Newspaper, Ernest Hancock on LRN,FM, the Philly Tribune and The Nubian News. Brooks is in the Library of Congress. He is rated in the top 100 on “Top Talk Radio Conservative Radio Host.”