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Bishop Melvin Howard

Bishop Melvin Howard

Peoples Church of Christ Ministries, Bristol, PA

Many people are concerned with our society and are constantly pondering in their own minds and are asking questions of others, which seems to be much too hard to respond with a single answer. They are searching for answers as to why is there so muchEvil in the world? Many are posing this question with a genuine interest of possible ways or things that can be done or dealt with to bring about more peace, love and harmony within the communities where they reside. There is very much concern for the children which are more at risk than others in urban communities. I think I can offer a partial answer:

This is what we must do, when evil is all around us. This is what we can do because we are in Christ. God says, “Do this and you will overcome evil with good: Let love be genuine.” In other words: “Love must be sincere.” It must be authentic!

Love will destroy a multitude of sin.

Evil is and always was the absence of love. One of our greatest pains is not expressing the love we so naturally are. When we do not express what we are, we end up expressing what we are not. In truth, no single person is evil but we can be energetically coerced and seduced into performing acts of evil when we live disconnected to the love that resides within.