2022 Seminars

Seating is limited and you don't want to miss hearing our speakers. The knowledge you will gain can help in the fight against those who seek to destroy our God-given rights. Your generous donation will ensure we are able to keep fighting. Thank you!

Saturday Seminar Schedule:

12:30 pm
Education, Critical Race Theory, and Empowering Families Panel Discussion (Freedom Tent)
1:00 pm
Election Integrity and the Future of Our Republic Panel Discussion (Main Stage)
  • Moderator: Sam Faddis, Publisher of AND magazine, National Security Commentator
  • Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes are co-authors of The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception. As Republican poll-watchers in Delaware County in the 2020 election, they documented industrial-scale fraud with video evidence of election records being destroyed. Instead of supporting their efforts to expose corruption, both political parties in Delaware County colluded with the cover-up. The book recounts their efforts, the coverup, and their lawsuits to make elected officials do what is required in the law.
1:00 pm
Maximizing VA Benefits Through New Claims and Secondary Medical Conditions (Veterans Tent)
  • Presented by Jessica Knapp, Chief Operating Officer, National Vet Help
2:30 pm
Precision Shooting (Memorial Building)
  • With Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS, CST President and CEO, International Protection Group
2:30 pm
Media Relations and How to Defend the 2nd Amendment (Freedom Tent)
2:30 pm
Is Our Political System Being Hijacked? - Panel Discussion (Main Stage)
  • Moderator John Ventre, retired executive with UPS, former candidate for Governor of PA.  
  • Panelists include Jim Bognet, candidate for 8th Congressional district in PA and Teddy Daniels, Vets for Trump
3:45 pm
Pennsylvania, a Second Amendment Sanctuary (Freedom Tent)
4:30 pm
Agenda 2030, The Great Reset and the Hidden Hands of Power (Freedom Tent)
  • Presented by Mel K, host of the Mel K show
4:30 pm
Supreme Court Cases and the Impact They Will Have Panel Discussion (Main Stage)

Sunday Seminar Schedule:

1:00 pm
1:00 pm
Wake Up to the CCP Threat (Main Stage)
1:30 pm -3:00 pm
Self Defense with Christopher J. Thompson (Memorial Building)
  • Christopher J. Thompson, Veteran of US Army Special Operations, Independent
  • Presentations on the practical knowledge and skills necessary to survive in an ever-changing environment
1:45 pm
Defending The Constitution Panel Discussion (Main Stage)
  • Moderator: Dr. John Diamond, Author and Christian Theologian, Board of Directors, Faith and Freedom Coalition
  • Ambassador Alan Keyes, Former US Ambassador to the UN
  • Craig Bergman, expert analyst of contemporary politics and culture.
  • Pastor Matt Guedes, Executive Director of Camp Freedom, Author of The Sissification of America’s Young Men
3:00 pm
The DC Project Panel Discussion (Main Stage)
  • Moderator Amanda Suffecool
  • Includes Kelly Ann Pigeon, Diana Muller
  • Women for gun rights is taking the 2A advocacy by storm. Women from all 50 states are standing for the Second Amendment, speaking up and showing up. Join founder Dianna Muller and regional directors Kelly Ann Pidgeon and Amanda Suffecool as they share details of the latest DC trip with you.
3:45 pm
Trevor Loudon (Main Stage)
  • Trevor Loudon, Filmmaker Author and Expert of The Communist Invasion of America
  • Introduced by Frank Scavo
4:45 pm
Concealed Carry Purse Seminar (Freedom Tent)
  • By Amanda Suffecool
  • There are times when you have to switch from on body carry to Purse Carry. Join Amanda Suffecool and have a hands-on opportunity to see a variety of Conceal Carry Purse designs and features